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Environmental Testing of Intuition-1 Satellite

Intuition-1: From Assembly to Environmental Validation  In the previous article, the assembly process of the Intuition-1 spacecraft was detailed, highlighting the intricate integration of various components for optimal alignment. However, the crucial step of verifying component functionality was not touched upon. This entry delves into the environmental testing campaign of the Intuition-1 spacecraft. Integrating Leopard […]


Antelope On-board Computer: Technical Insights Ahead of the Launch

Scheduled for a November launch aboard D-Orbit’s OTV – ION Satellite Carrier, the Antelope On-Board Computer (OBC), integrated with its Data Processing Unit (DPU), represents a noteworthy step in on-board satellite data processing. This deployment will mark the inaugural space mission for Antelope.  Primary Functions of the Antelope  Subsystem Monitoring: The Antelope is a guardian […]


Intuition-1: Integration of Leopard DPU and Optical Instrument with platform bus

In August, the project reached a significant milestone: the integration of KP Labs’ payload with the platform bus to form a complete spacecraft – Intuition-1.   The payload, while crucial, is just one piece of the puzzle.  Our satellite covers a lot of capabilities. From an on-board computer managing operations and Earth communications to an EPS […]


Intuition-1: A Synthesis of Knowledge and Vision

Visualization of the Intuition-1 satellite. Set to launch into orbit in just one month (November 2023), we at KP Labs have embarked on the ambitious Intuition-1 satellite project. With its compact CubeSat 6U design (30x20x10 cm), this venture isn’t just another satellite.  What exactly is Intuition-1? Intuition-1 is a satellite mission designed to observe the […]


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