BOLERO: On-Board Continual Learning for SatCom Systems

In an era of exponentially increasing data generation across all domains, satellite communications (SatCom) systems are no exception. The innovative BOLERO project, led by KP Labs, and supported by a consortium including OHB Hellas and Eutelsat OneWeb, is at the forefront of this technological evolution. This project is making significant strides in applying both classic […]


TOP 10 Achievements in 2023

The year 2023 has been a pivotal chapter in KP Labs’ story, underscored by key technological milestones. Our successful satellite deployment and the validation of flight heritage for both our specialized hardware and AI algorithms have significantly advanced our status in the space technology sector. Now, let’s dive into these top 10 achievements that have […]


Environmental Testing of Intuition-1 Satellite

Intuition-1: From Assembly to Environmental Validation  In the previous article, the assembly process of the Intuition-1 spacecraft was detailed, highlighting the intricate integration of various components for optimal alignment. However, the crucial step of verifying component functionality was not touched upon. This entry delves into the environmental testing campaign of the Intuition-1 spacecraft. Integrating Leopard […]


Antelope On-board Computer: Technical Insights Ahead of the Launch

Scheduled for a November launch aboard D-Orbit’s OTV – ION Satellite Carrier, the Antelope On-Board Computer (OBC), integrated with its Data Processing Unit (DPU), represents a noteworthy step in on-board satellite data processing. This deployment will mark the inaugural space mission for Antelope.  Primary Functions of the Antelope  Subsystem Monitoring: The Antelope is a guardian […]


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