The year 2023 has been a pivotal chapter in KP Labs’ story, underscored by key technological milestones. Our successful satellite deployment and the validation of flight heritage for both our specialized hardware and AI algorithms have significantly advanced our status in the space technology sector. Now, let’s dive into these top 10 achievements that have marked our journey this year.

1. Success of the Transporter 9 Mission with Intuition-1 and Antelope on Board

The Transporter 9 mission, using SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, effectively placed the Intuition-1 satellite and the Antelope On-board Computer (OBC) into orbit. Intuition-1 is designed for Earth observation using a hyperspectral instrument and AI for data processing thanks to KP Labs Oryx OBCS, The Herd algorithms, and Leopard DPU. Antelope OBC, with a DPU module aboard D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier, is ultimately responsible for satellite control and task performance with a DPU module running telemetry data algorithms monitoring the satellite’s subsystems. 

Picture of the Falcon 9 rocket launch. Photo credit: Space X

Intuition-1 Mission Badge and Antelope In-Orbit Demonstration Badge 

  • Artificial Intelligence on Leopard DPU in Orbit: The Leopard Data Processing Unit successfully ran artificial intelligence in space. This was achieved by executing a real neural network for hyperspectral data processing, utilizing its FPGA accelerator. This operation earned the Leopard DPU its flight heritage status. 

The image represents the heavy-duty efficiency of the Leopard DPU, which successfully processed hyperspectral data on orbit. Using the “Pavia” benchmark dataset, the classification task was effectively completed, with different classes in the resulting image denoting various materials (such as asphalt, meadows, and gravel), showcasing the neural network’s precision in distinguishing and categorizing the data on-board.

  • Operational Milestone for Antelope OBC with a DPU module: Integrated into D-Orbit’s ION Satellite Carrier, the Antelope On-board Computer successfully passed its initial testing phase in orbit. This achievement confirmed its functionality and granted it flight heritage status, highlighting its readiness for space missions. 


2. Leopard DPU Shortlisted for ISS Experiment

The Leopard Data Processing Unit by KP Labs is set for a significant ISS experiment in 2024. In collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), Polish Space Agency (POLSA) and Axiom Space, this experiment aims to test the Leopard DPU’s AI and data processing capabilities in space, aligning it with the upcoming Axiom-4 mission with the Polish astronaut Slawosz Uznanski on board. 


3. VIREO Satellite Launch with KP Labs AI Technology

Launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, the VIREO satellite from C3S Electronics Development LLC features KP Labs’ AI technology for on-board cloud-coverage detection. Based on a custom convolutional neural network, this technology enhances the satellite’s Earth observation capabilities.

Deployment of VIREO satellite. Photo Credit: C3S Electronics Development LLC

4. KP Labs’ Anomaly Detection System on OPS-SAT 

KP Labs successfully demonstrated its anomaly detection algorithm on the ESA‘s OPS-SAT satellite. This experiment validated the effectiveness of the machine learning algorithms in space conditions, showcasing advancement in space-based anomaly detection technology. The experiment shows that KP Labs algorithm reached F1-score close to 0.82 (precision 1.0 and recall 0.73) on more than 500 segments collected from OPS-SAT telemetry. 


5. KP Labs Selected for OneWeb’s 2022 Global Innovation Challenge 

Among six companies and one charity, KP Labs is recognized in the OneWeb Innovation Challenge 2022. Company is set to collaborate on leveraging OneWeb’s communications network, entering a co-engineering phase to develop our technology. KP Labs participation is supported by

Eutelsat OneWeb and the ESA, signifying a commitment to enhancing global communication infrastructures. 

6. KP Labs Awarded 2023 ESA Rising Star for Space Innovation

Recognized by the ESA, KP Labs received the 2023 ESA Rising Star Award. This accolade highlights our innovative work within the space sector, promising enhanced opportunities for collaboration. 

Photo credit: ESA

7. KP Labs Partners with ESA BIC Poland for Business and Legal Support

As the new Business and Legal Support Partner for ESA BIC Poland, KP Labs reinforces its support for space startups. Following an agreement with Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S .A, KP Labs offers comprehensive guidance through business and legal challenges. This partnership aims to bolster the growth and development of space technology enterprises in Poland. 

8. KP Labs Recognized in NASA’s Small Spacecraft Technology Report

KP Labs has achieved a significant accolade with the recognition of its technology in NASA’s latest edition of the State-of-the-Art of Small Spacecraft Technology Report. This prestigious report included our Antelope, Leopard, and Lion Data Processing Units, underscoring KP Labs’ expertise and innovation in small spacecraft technology.

Photo credit: NASA

9. Cognition” Project: Enhanced Data Processing for Lunar Missions

KP Labs, in collaboration with the Poznan University of Technology, has concluded a project for the ESA, delivering ‘Cognition’, a system for distributed data processing on the lunar surface. Addressing the anticipated increase in lunar missions, Cognition is designed to minimize data transmission to Earth by processing directly on the Moon, optimizing the autonomy of lunar operations. 

The image captures a moment from the Lunares Research Station in Pila, where specialists from KP Labs and the Poznan University of Technology conducted validation tests on a lunar rock detection algorithm using a rover. The rover, equipped with a Data Processing Unit and a stereoscopic camera, navigates the simulated lunar terrain to enhance environmental perception and movement control.

10. KP Labs’ Project Portfolio Expansion

KP Labs has significantly broadened its project portfolio this year, managing 25 active projects, with an impressive addition of 16 new initiatives in 2023. Additionally, 8 projects have been successfully completed. These projects span a range of cutting-edge areas, including AI-driven image processing, super-resolution reconstruction, satellite telemetry analysis, anomaly detection, and the development of specialized hardware and thermal systems. Most of these projects are conducted primarily for the ESA.


Reflecting on a year of robust technical achievements, we at KP Labs are gearing up for an exciting 2024. With plans to roll out a groundbreaking new service, we are poised to continue our trajectory of innovation and excellence in space technology. We also want to thank all our partners and supporters for this fruitful year, for your trust in us and wish you great success in the year to come!