Estimating macroelements and pH in soil with the use of hyperspectral images

Ground-breaking space project to help farmers

Farmers and field owners need information about the soil parameters to optimize the fertilization process. This may ultimately lead to selecting a better mix of fertilizers, and to reducing the overall amount of them. The current approach toward quantifying the soil parameters (e.g., macroelements) is very user-dependent, laborious, time-consuming, vastly manual – we have to gather and mix soil samples in the field and pass them to the lab for further chemical analysis. Also, this process does not allow us to accurately capture the information concerning the macroelements, and the number of sampling points in the field is commonly limited.

KP Labs and QZ Solutions intend to use the hyperspectral data to remotely detect soil parameters (specifically: potassium – K2O, phosphate – P2O5, magnesium – Mg and pH) using machine learning techniques.

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QZ Solutions


06.2021 - 06.2022

Financed by

European Space Agency

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