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In the career tab on our website, you will find the current job offers.

If none of the presently offered positions suits you, but you feel that you could contribute something interesting to KP Labs, don’t hesitate and submit a spontaneous application. You can send your CV to

How is recruitment done?

  • We try our best to respond within 14 days. In that time, we consult your CV on technical points with our specialists.

  • Currently, most of our interviews take place online. We will call you to arrange a suitable date and time. You will receive a confirmation of the appointment and all relevant information by email. Usually, our interviews are single-stage, but sometimes, in cases of more complex recruitment, we set up two interviews.

  • After the meeting, we discuss the interview and reach a decision. If we can’t make you an offer, we make sure to inform you and give you the reasons. The candidates who have successfully completed the previous recruitment stages will get an email with detailed terms of our offer.

Important things

  • Remember to put the information about your education and professional experience in your CV, and don’t forget to tell us in your email what you’d like to do and why you are applying to KP Labs specifically. 

  • Be patient and check your mailbox – that’s how we usually communicate with candidates. If we can’t offer you anything at present, you can agree to future contact from us, if offers more suited to your expectations and skills appear. 

  • Don’t be nervous before the interview – it’s not a coincidence that we want to learn more about you specifically! You should visit our website before the interview so that you know roughly what we do and what projects we are currently running. If the position you are applying for requires it, we will check your foreign language skills during the interview. The person responsible for technical vetting will ask you several questions allowing us to verify your level of knowledge. Additionally, be prepared for a question about your financial expectations. 

  • Here, once again, we ask for your patience. We have to determine whether we can hire you, and if so, on what terms. During the interview, we’ll make sure to give you the approximate time of our response. Remember to check your mailbox – it’s where we’ll send the offer. When you receive it, read it carefully and… the next step is yours. We hope you say yes and join our team.

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