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On-Board AI Computer Vision Solution Architecture for Space Applications​

AI Computer Vision for Space Applications​

Result of the project: An on-board AI capability that is optimally coupled with hardware, that can support a broad range of space applications (e.g. autonomous space vehicle docking, decision support for autonomous probes or landers, autonomous robotic systems) and enhance decision-making applications in the future. ​​

KP Labs role is to support GSTS in the task of assessing the performance of Leopard on-board AI for Deep Learning inferencing for a range of space mission applications. ​

Computer vision involves the automatic extraction, analysis and understanding of information gleaned from digital images. By applying machine learning, which is a type of AI, it can enhance and optimize the production of actionable insights much faster and more accurately than a human can. Accurate and timely information is critical to working in space, one of the most extreme environments imaginable. 

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Project information


Global Spatial Technology Solutions (GSTS)


07.2020 – 12.2021​

Financed by

Canadian Space Agency​

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