Smart Mission Ecosystem

Hardware, software and AI-powered algorithms

Smart Mission Ecosystem designed to complete your mission

For the mission integrators and operators who need to build advanced spacecrafts, Smart Mission Ecosystem brings together hardware, software and AI-powered algorithms to complete your mission. Unlike fragmented and unintegratable solutions, the Ecosystem was designed with the holistic approach to enable on-board data processing on the payload and satellite level, as well as to make the mission more fault-tolerant and safer.  

We support the complete lifecycle of our partners’ advanced missions from the analysis and design, through faster satellite integration thanks to the built-in algorithm, software and hardware-in-the-loop tests (Oryx OBCS and Oasis EGSE) to the increased reliability of operations in space (Antelope OBC) and the on-board data processing supported by the artificial intelligence (Leopard DPU, Lion DPU and the Herd). 

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Make your mission smarter by

Processing data

on board of a satellite with powerful FPGA based chips and on-board ready-to-go algorithms suited for Earth Observation

Extending mission

duration using components with increased radiation tolerance and protecting it with AI based algorithms for anomaly detection

Speeding up

mission development with off-the-shelf solutions instead designing one from the scratch

Building modular software

creating OBC software with pre-existent building blocks and safely updating it in orbit

Multi-purpose mission

making it a multi-purpose mission or even changing its goal by reconfiguring satellite in orbit

Saving time & money

by testing mocked up satellite components at the very early stage of the mission development

Smart Mission Ecosystem by
Smart satellite
Hardware, software and algorithms designed to make your mission more fault-tolerant and safe
Antelope is the powerful heart of the satellite, handling crucial operations like subsystem monitoring and communications management. It can function as either a robust On-Board Computer (OBC) or a high-performance Data Processing Unit (DPU). Thanks to the powerful (160 GOPS) FPGA system it can handle complicated on-board data processing tasks enabling Earth Observation, telecommunication and other demanding data processing applications. An optional layer of security is provided by the machine learning algorithms which detect events that may be considered threatening to the mission's safety.
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Oryx is a modular flight software tool developed for the mission control of small satellites. Thanks to its modular architecture, based on building blocks, it supports the rapid development of the mission’s software by using a vast library of components – logging, scheduling, testing and communication to name but a few. Should your component not be supported by Oryx, you can simply extend your simulation by creating customised drivers.
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Oasis is a single-board, CubeSat PC-104 compatible electrical ground support equipment that serves as an interface between the PC-running satellite systems simulators and the hardware engineering model. It enables the running of a complete flight version of on-board computer software on actual hardware before the subsystems are physically present. Testing a mocked-up satellite and continuous integration at the initial stage of the mission development is crucial to ensure faster spacecraft integration – saving time and money.
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